23 February 2019 | 10:30 - 24 February 2019 | 17:30

Advanced Visuals with Max/MSP

  • Level: advanced
  • Costs: 140€ normal price/110€ students & free-lancers 
  • Max number of participants: 14 people
  • Min number of participants: 6 people
  • Sign-up through this form if you want to join: click here
  • Contact: info@federicofoderaro.com

This two days workshop is ideally the second part of my introductory workshop on the basics of creating visual content with Max/MSP. The advanced topics that are going to be explored in this workshop are:

- Introduction of scripting with JavaScript inside Max, which allows us to introduce algorithms that are difficult to create in the normal patching environment.

- Going deeper into jit.gen programming, seeing how we can create a bilboarded particle system and how we can manipulate it.

- We will introduce systems to make our visuals reacting to sound, so crafting some tools that can be used inside a VJ set or installation context.

- We will introduce working with jit.gl.pix for the creation of "post processing" effects.

Since this is a workshop about medium/advanced topics, the participants are required to have a basic knowledge of Jitter and to know their way around Max patching. For complete beginners that wish to participate to the workshop I suggest to view my tutorials bout jitter:


about the workshop holder

Federico Foderaro is an audio-visual Berlin based artist, media technologist and Max/MSP teacher. He graduated with the highest honours in Electronic Music and Multimedia Composition at the Conservatory “Licinio Refice” of Frosinone (Italy), under the guidance of great teachers.

During his studies he started developing fascination for audiovisual art and the link between art and technology, going deeper into those topics. He teaches the Max/MSP software in workshops, private lessons and university courses, besides a collection of publicly available video and written tutorials.

He collaborates with various artists and companies, collaborating to the creation of art pieces and commercial installations. Recently his work "Anthropocene" was awarded the jury prize of the "Anthropocene" contest organized by the Mutek festival.