03 October 2016 | 19:30

Artgames meetup 011

Community meeting - One Year Anniversary Special!

Start time: 19:30

Artgames is a community of artists using game technology &/or game design to create artistic &/or experimental works. We get together once a month to present and support each others projects and discuss concepts related to interactive art in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, followed by general discussion over drinks.

Artgames 011 marks one year of art+games, thank you very much to everyone involved for making this community cooler than my wildest dreamz!

Absolutely everybody is welcome, all levels of experience and all walks of life!!! - So long as you RSVP ;^) We practice the Safe Space Policy, more information on Meetup


19:30 - Talks / Presentations / Questions / Open Mic

21:30 onwards - General Discussion

Drinks & people & all things art games.

/// Presentations must be planned in advance (so we can cut it off at 9:30 and have time for socialising) ///