15 May 2017 | 19:30

Artgames XIV ★ LNWC2 Screening + Q&A w Sean Buckelew

Community meeting
Start time 19:30

Close your eyes and tap your heels together three times ~

For the first ąяţǥąʍ€$ of summer we are thrilled to host a screening of the incredible Late Night Work Club animated anthology Strangers, followed by Q&A with LNWC member Sean Buckelew. 

Join us in a viewing of some of the most groundbreaking animation works in recent history. In our Q&A session we will discuss what it means to create independent noncommercial art for the internet, where new forms of collaboration might arise from this and how the field of animation is converging with other forms of art and media (such as the ART VIDYAGAEM!).

NOTE!! - Due to popularity of Late Night Work Club PLEASE RSVP to this meet up event: https://www.meetup.com/artgames/events/239328343/. We will allow people that have RSVP'd a seat first, if there is any seating left we will afterwards welcome further people.


19:30 - Doors Open + livestream of Ian Cheng’s Emissary Trilogy
20:00 - Strangers - a film by Late Night Work Club
21:00 - Q&A with Sean Buckelew (of LNWC)
21:30 - socialising + draaanks + livestream of Ian Cheng’s Emissary Trilogy

ąяţǥąʍ€$ is a community event for anybody and everybody interested in using digital art/design/technology. Absolutely everybody is welcome, all levels of experience and all walks of life - So long as you RSVP ;^)! We practice the Safe Space Policy, you can find more information on this on our Meetup page: https://www.meetup.com/artgames