20 July 2016 | 19:30

Artificial Creativity Meetup #3

Community meeting

Join us for a monthly evening of talks on the intersection of creativity and artificial intelligence.

We are interested in the use of AI techniques such as neural networks, genetic algorithms, Markov chains, natural language systems, etc. to generate creative works, be it storiespoemspaintingsmusical compositionsdrawingsSuper Mario levels, or anything else, and in tools for assisting human creativity. 

There will be time for anyone to share and discuss a project they have made. Don't hesitate showing work that’s in progress or incomplete. We also encourage you to share tutorials/frameworks to enable others to reproduce or even expand on your work. No prior knowledge about AI is required to participate; just a sense of curiosity about the future of machine-made art and its philosophical and cultural implications!

The meetup adheres by the Berlin Code of Conduct. Please make sure you agree with its content.

You can also find us on Meetup.