13 November 2017 | 18:00

Berlin Modular: AllFlesh Workshop / Jam Session / Peter Blasser Concert & Lecture

  • Start time: 18:00

AllFlesh workshop and modular jam session followed by a concert and lecture from Peter Blasser 

AllFlesh DIY Kit = 30 Euro
No Reservation Required. (Build time is 20 min - 1 hour)
Info: www.landscape.fm/allflesh/

Concert and lecture from Peter Blasser
Provisional times are 9:30pm for his performance to begin and end at 10pm with his lecture beginning at 10:10pm and will be left open ended.

Jam session from 7pm to 9:15pm
Interested in Jamming? ---> Please write a post on this Facebook event to let us know. We may have to cap the numbers at some point. There's 8 already confirmed but let''s see. We'll try to involve as many jammers as possiblle and perhaps more importantly, make sure everyone is heard.

One possible setup for the evening is this: If there's 9 jammers (we're at 11 actually), then we'll make 3 groups of 3 and each group gets 30mins playing time with a 10min change over for the next group to move gear or transfer/rearrange tables. We'll attempt to make a group message between the jammers and if this doesn't work, then a post with comments in the event page. More info below regarding cables, headphones, etiquette, etc.

Here are the confirmed jammers (alphabetical order) so far: 

Aleksei Bronnikov
Andreas Krach
 Anna-Maria Van Reusel
 Deividas Tolvaisa
George Wilson
Lucas Sesboüé
 Marius Krämer
Panama Pete
Seht Zhan
Stefan Junge
 Thomas Bäz

An exact timetable will be announced in due course. More info for the workshop regarding tools and such (everything should be there but please ask us anything in advance) as well as additions to the lineup TBA.