07 February 2019 | 20:30

CNDSD + Iván Abreu #520

  • Doors: 20:00
  • Start time: 20:30
  • Entrance: 5-10 € (up to your offer)



Live cinema coding and experimental music. Random variations and interpretations of a "cyber decora" girl in a Mexico city post internet, algorithmic music that born of codes generated in atypical wanderings in this same city are united to tell this non-linear story. The premiere of this live act took place in the latest edition of Mutek Montreal 2018.




CNDSD + Ivan Abreu explore the poetic possibilities of live code writing for musical and visual improvisation (Live Coding), they are also interested in the expressive visualization of musical algorithmic structures and the use of generative cinema to resignify sound improvisation and the practices of live cinema.