27 October 2017 | 09:00 - 29 October 2017 | 11:30

DIY: Digital Gender

  • Level: all levels
  • Costs: 45€ (10.5h / 3days)
  • Max number of participants: 18 people
  • Min number of participants: 4 people
  • Sign-up through this form if you want to join: click here
  • Contact: masturbatecs@gmail.com

[log in] There is no outside from which an inside could be differentiated. Desiring 3D printed versions of ourselves are out there, looking for any erotic encounter with Emojis, Memes and GIFs. Sextsbots licking slowly the smooth but cold skin of our phone screens. Our point of departure is that technicity is the condition for subjectivity. We ask: If gender is a technology, what would a digital gender be? Is there such thing as digital masturbation, proper to our digital desiring selves? Who is performing this digital scene? Are digital practices a new kind of violence?

• We demand: strategies of resistance. We want to reflect on the tools, materials, buttons and functions necessary for our desiring memed machines.

• We propose: to develop our own digital gender. We rehearse: We design our own desiring tools, we create users guides, we test scenarios, we develop masturbatory strategies. We produce: our own DIY digital genders.

This laboratory aims to ask, demand, propose, rehearse and produce. [repeat].

In this three-day workshop we will discuss the concept of gender as a technology and the technicity of desire; on that basis we will make some hypothesis on what a digital gender could be. We will work on personal experiments, in which we develop strategies to make something we can call our own digital gender. We will have the chance to discuss our previous developed hypothesis and present observations on our personal experiments. We are invited to make some conclusions, and then find a way to question them.

about the workshop holder

Tecnologías Masturbatorias is a project based between Berlin and Mexico City. It aims to create spaces that produce a junction, a mixture, a crash, between philosophical discourses and erotic practices, between the abstract and the flesh, and the concreteness of desire. We inquire into the intersection of discourses, matter (dis)functions, connections and reactions.

We want to think about pleasure, sex, bodies and their materials – latex, silicone, leathers -, their phallic, vulvar, anal and manual forms, and their organs, prostheses, chemicals, drugs, hormones and fluids. We want to think the biological genitals at the same level as the plastic ones. We test multiple strategies for the production and reproduction of desire. We stalk the erotic encounters between machines and bodies.

We want to take critique into our own (plastic) hands, vibrators and dildos. How can we talk about the multiple edges that conform sexuality? How are we to approach to that diverse and ungraspable thing that sex is? We are interested in experimenting with discourses as much as with practices, to rehearse approaches; we want to acknowledge the pleasure of theory, that is embedded in our skin, we want to think with the body.