15 September 2014 | 20:00 - 30 October 2014 | 23:59

Exhibition #0: Ionesis - Transitory fluorescent space

SPEKTRUM has been running the site-specific light installation 'Ionesis_ transitory fluorescent space' by Alfredo Ciannameo during the renovation period.

The installation is running every evening between sunset and midnight at Bürknerstr 12 (U8 Schönleinstrasse).

renovation period

We are doing a radical reconstruction and revisitation of the architectural state of the place, which was untouched since more than three decades and has never been consistently cleaned. Because of the deep intervention of the space and all its systems, oriented at recuperating the special qualities of the space and converting these industrial, craftmanship conditions for small industries into an art venue. This work in progress is already a stage, between what it was and what it is becoming. We want to open this process to the public: they can follow what is happening in the space by looking through the window.

Ionesis_ transitory fluorescent space

A multi-channel composition, real time generated by a software, is displaying a synchronization of high-voltage electrical streams into 42 fluorescent tubes by means of music for the eyes. A silent piece (with no sound), played in front of the eyes of the viewer and spatially observed by a ''walk-in and through'', is able to sense the propagation of sound through the space by overlapping frequencies within high-speed pulses of the fluorescent tubes. An intense spatial and perceptual experience for the spectator to discover an historical venue under modifications every week.

[due to the speed of flickering light, the camera sensor could not realistically capture the visual experience]

IONESIS_ transitory fluorescent space 


IONESIS_ transitory fluorescent space [setup #2-expanded]