15 June 2017 | 16:00

Fermentation Workshop No.2 - Kombucha

  • WORKSHOP  (2hours)
  • Level: open to everybody
  • Costs: 10-15euro (up to your possibility)
  • Max number of participants:  15 people
  • Sign up by contacting: nahrungswandel@nahhaft.de


Discover the rich world of fermented food! In our second fermentation workshop at Spektrum we will show you how to feed and sustain the Kombucha Tea Mushroom aka SCOBY. After a brief introduction into the world of fermentation and its potential for health, sustainability, seasonal and regional food consumption you can try different variations that we bring to Spektrum. After that we will teach you the preparation process. In the end of the workshop you will leave with your own Kombucha culture. 


Denkwerkstatt NAHrungswandel is a group of food enthusiasts who are experimenting and researching for alternatives and solutions of a sustainable food systems.

link: nahhaft.de/fermentations-workshop-2-runde/