13 August 2018 | 16:00 - 19 August 2018 | 23:59

IN FLUX FESTIVAL – Contemporary Electro-Acoustic Music From Berlin

Credit: Corinna Harl
  • 13 – 19 August 2018
  • Artist Talks 16:00 (free entrance)
  • Concerts 19:30 – 22:00 (12€/8€ per night, festival pass 60€/40€)
  • zangimusic.wordpress.com

IN FLUX Festival presents seven days of concerts and talks from 30 solo artists of the current Berlin experimental electro-acoustic music scene. Artists include Tomomi Adachi, Liz Allbee, Boris Baltschun, Rashad Becker, Burkhard Beins, Andrea Belfi, Sofia Borges, Jim Campbell, Roy Carroll, Mario De Vega, Sabine Ercklentz, Korhan Erel, Andrea Ermke, Evapori, Hanna Hartman, Hatam, Annette Krebs, Cao Thanh Lan, Joke Lanz, Felicity Mangan, Kaffe Mathews, Andrea Neumann, Rieko Okuda, Andrea Parkins, Ignaz Schick, Richard Scott, Wolfgang Seidel, Eliad Wagner, Marta Zapparoli, …

In the last 20 years an incredibly multi-faceted & adventurous experimental music scene has evolved in Berlin. The scene currently consists of several generations of protagonists and a vast stylistic spectrum ranging from Improvised Music, Free Jazz, Echtzeitmusiik, Electronica, Noise, Sound Art, Electro-Acoustic Music to composed Contemporary Music with fluent crossovers into the vital club scene (Electronica, Dubstep, Breakcore, Ambient).

Many musicians of this younger Berlin generation are working with electronics or electro-acoustic devices. The working methods of these musicians/composers are as multifarious as the stylistic results of their music. There are artists who focus on improvisation, others are composing or building installations. Some work with complex and precisely elaborated (custom programmed) software, others rely on analog synthesizers and old oscillators. Some are using self-made objects or instruments while others work with pre-produced field recordings or base their work entirely on found materials like old vinyl records or sampled sound archives. Another characteristic of the Berlin scene is its strong international interconnection and attraction. In recent years, musicians and composers from all over the world have been moving to Berlin with the aim of engaging with and enriching the vital musical discourse.

IN FLUX Festival will present a one week festival of new pieces and works from some of the most important players of this vibrant music scene. Each afternoon invited artist will give a short lecture talking about their working methods and musical approaches. Evening concert sets follow where artists present new pieces commissioned especially for the festival. With 4-5 sets nightly and a maximum duration of 25 minutes per performance, the festival surveys a mosaic-like overview of the current experimental electronic music scene in Berlin. We aim to present the scene in all its complexity with the intention to build evenings of diverse, contrasting music. As a venue we have chosen Spektrum in Neukölln – a rather small and compact room with an intimate and concentrated listening situation.The program can be seen as both inventory and retrospective of 20-25 years of electro-acoustic music in Berlin. All concerts will be recorded and we are planning to release a CD-Box of the entire festival.

Artistic Direction & Production: Ignaz Schick / zangimusic.wordpress.com
Funded by Berlin Senate Department for Culture & Europe
Media Partners: JAZZTHETIK & ZITTY


Monday 13 August

Tomomi Adachi
Ignaz Schick
Marta Zapparoli
Rashad Becker

Tuesday 14 August

Hanna Hartman
Andrea Belfi
Burkhard Beins
Andrea Neumann

Wednesday 15 August

Sofia Borges
Jim Campbell
Rieko Okuda

Thursday 16 August

Mario De Vega
Kaffe Matthews
Cao Thanh Lan
Richard Scott

Friday 17 August

Boris Baltschun
Andrea Ermke
Roy Carroll
Eliad Wagner

Saturday 18 August

Felicity Mangan
Annette Krebs
Joke Lanz
Wolfgang Seidl

Sunday 19 August

Liz Allbee
Andrea Parkins
Korhan Erel
Sabine Ercklentz


IGNAZ SCHICK (Artistic Direction & Production)

Ignaz Schick is a Berlin based sound artist, composer & visual artist. He also performs as an instrumentalist on turntables, objects, live-electronics, alto saxophone & flutes. In his youth he studied the saxophone & performed in free jazz and avant rock bands. At the same time he was getting obsessed with multitrack tape machines, record players & effect boxes & started experimenting with different electro-acoustic set-ups & sound making devices. After college he briefly studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich & worked for several years as an assistant for the contemporary composer Josef Anton Riedl.

Since 1995 he lives & works in Berlin where he became an active and integral force of the so-called "Berlin Nouvelle Vague" and the blossoming "experimental" music scene. He has been also prolific as curator (Festival für Andere Musik, Erase & Reset, Time Shifts, TITO, Echtzeitmusiktage 2010, Flux Festival, …) & runs the experimental music label Zarek. Schick has toured worldwide solo or with various groups & ensembles & has collaborated with more than a hundred international sonic artists - amongst others with Mwata Bowden, Don Cherry, Douglas Ewart, Sven-Ake Johansson, Paul Lovens, Toshi Nakamura, Charlemagne Palestine, Andrea Parkins, Keith Rowe, Akira Sakata or Martin Tetreault. In parallel to his experimental music and performance practise he has been making sound installations, experimental objects, visual collages, text scores, concrete poetry, graphic scores and drawings. Since 2016 he has received several composition & research stipends for Paris, South-East-Asia, Los Angeles & Istanbul for writing new pieces and researching the local scenes.

ZANGI MUSIC is the production platform of the Berlin based sound artist, composer and curator Ignaz Schick. ZM produces festivals, concert series, international tours and released numerous releases on its own imprint Zarek cooperating worldwide with a huge array of international artists from the experimental music community. Besides Flux Festival Zangi Music was responsible for amongst others „Festival für Andere Musik“, Erase & Reset, Time Shifts, T.I.T.O. [The International Turntable Orchestra] and Echtzeitmusiktage 2010.