28 July 2016 | 14:00 - 29 July 2016 | 18:00

International Metabody Forum Berlin 2016 - Metabody workshop

Microsexes and Metabodies. Post-intimacy, alien couplings and emergent tactilities by Jaime del Val


  • Theory – Ontology of Big Data in hypercontrol society – from bodyhacking to ontohacking.
  • Practice - Metabody techniques: Selftconstruction and interaction techniques with dynamic wearable architectures - Flexinamics. Movement techniques - Disalignments
  • Practice - Metabody techniques: Metaformance techniques 1 - Microsexes - with video and life voice processing . Metaformance techniques 2 - Amorphogenesis - with interactive digital architectures and spatialised synthesis sound, with sensors distributed on the body
  • Practice - Metabody techniques: Integration of Metabody Techniques in the METATOPIA intra-active performatve environments for indoors and outdooors interventions.



  • Cost: 40€ 
  • Registration is mandatory, please send an email to movlabberlin@gmail.com with METABODY in the subject line


Jaime del Val is meta-media artist, philosopher and activist, director of Reverso and coordinator of the METABODY Project. Jaime del Val develops transdisciplinary projects in the convergence of arts, technologies, critical theory and activism, proposing redefinitions of embodiment, perception and affects that challenge the ontological foundations of contemporary control society as well as challenging traditional conception of the human, of binary gender-sex conceptions and of perceptual colonialism.

METABODY is a European project coordinated by Transdisciplinary Association Reverso that questions the homogenisation of expressions induced by current information and control technologies, which place unprecedented threats to plurality and to fundamental rights and freedoms by reducing all our actions to predictable behaviours, and proposes to reinvent them highlighting the role and diversity of embodied expression through a new concept of interactive architecture that transforms in all its physical and digital aspects, constituting dynamic, participatory and performative environments for outdoors and indoors, an emergent and indeterminate space, a METATOPIA.

The INTERNATIONAL METABODY FORUM is the platform of the Metabody project, a space of creation, meeting, exchange, research, education, dissemination and awareness generation, that takes place every year in multiple countries proposing a novel transdisciplinary format across the arts, technosciences, humanities and the social. The forum fuses with the reSense.mov festival and the MovLab community based at SPEKTRUM. Throughout the week there will be workshops and performances, with a conference taking place on the last day of the festival, Sunday 31st of July.