05 April 2016 | 19:30

MadeByUs #4

Community meeting

Wow, what a great fundraiser we had in March! At this meeting we'll talk about next steps for the space, models for collaboration, laser cutters, and of course... the future.


  • Fundraiser recap (woohoo!) figure out next steps for the space
  • SISYPHUS - the first collaboration from MadeByUs (mangtronix)
  • Adventures with a Chinese laser cutter (Michael Ang)
  • Open discussion about the makerlab and our future!

MadeByUs is a making community focused on artistic, DIY, and experimental uses of digital fabrication techniques like 3D printing and laser cutting. Join us as we build our community and discuss the future of the making lab at SPEKTRUM.

What are the possibilities for community-based local manufacturing and how can we support this at SPEKTRUM? Help us build our lab and get us all to the future.