24 February 2018 | 13:00 - 17:00

Max4Live for Beginners

  • Level: beginners
  • Costs: 35€ (4h / 1day)
  • Max number of participants: 15 people
  • Min number of participants: 4 people
  • Sign-up through this form if you want to join: click here
  • Contact: seb.vaillancourt@live.com


This Workshop is for beginners in Max4Live. Together we will explore it’s main topics, from learning about Ableton Live, Max and why they work together, all the way to building instruments, audio effects and midi effects to make use of in your creative process. We will start right away by making things happen.

Using a 50% practice 50% theory scheme, we will begin by browsing the Max environment in Live, place some objects and see how they work together and make structures. We will face every beginners’ question together (signal vs data, order of data, kind of data, arguments etc.) and answer them. We will then progressively add some new objects to make our endeavours more complex and more sonically interesting and slowly introduce ourselves to further tools and resources in Max4Live.

After the 4-hour workshop we will have programmed a relatively complex audio effect that we can use right away in Live, the kind of device we will programme will be decided on the spot according to the learners’ choice.

about the workshop holder

I am Sébastien Vaillancourt, Canadian composer and Master student in electroacoustic music in the HfM Hanns Eisler Berlin. I’ve been a pianist and composer all my life and I’ve been teaching music for several years including Max and Max4live.

I moved to Berlin last year and have been active as a performer and as a teacher here also. I have been giving lessons in private and some workshops in Max/Max4Live in different places, including at the University of performing arts Vienna, at the HfM Hanns Eisler and at the Superbooth 17. My teaching method has always been to build something together with the students so we can hit the “walls” together and find solutions together.