17 July 2018 | 19:30

movLab #25 expanding beyond the five senses

  • Start time: 19:30
  • Entrance: Free

What happens if we add too many senses – will we overwhelm our brains? “That’s unknown,” said Eagleman, “but I feel like we’re probably nowhere near the limit...[the brain] is enormous and it has plenty of room to take in all kinds of sensor data.”

Next movLab is tomorrow, in Spektrum, with this time an open discussion as a start, about our senses, and the possibility for technology to hack our brains. ‘Why stop at five senses?’ Join us in the lab : let’s share and explore!


movLab is a place for researching ways to digitize motion and the human body and to make the data accessible for further use in VR, gaming, stage performance or art. We are building sensors, writing code and explore new ways of moving.

At our community meetings we get together and experiment. Some of us may be trained professionals others are completely new to the field. You do not need to know or have anything to join us, apart from respect for the people around you.

We embrace diversity in thoughts, bodies and looks! We take the unknown and unfamiliar as inspiration and as a challenge to rethink ourselves. An especially warm welcome those who are often underrepresented in the tech domain! We strongly believe in the Berlin Code of Conduct: https://rubyberlin.github.io/code-of-conduct/. Please make sure you agree with its content.

See you there!