19 June 2015 | 19:30

Opening night #1

19.30 Doors open, welcome drink
20.00 Presentation of the Spektrum concept by Lieke Ploeger and Lucy Patterson
21.00 Nenad Popov: Sonata for Convolution and Feedback (audiovisual performance)
21.30 Mikomikona: Fourier-Tanzformation I+II (audiovisual performance)


Nenad Popov is a media anarchist with a focus on live cinema pieces, sound installations, film installations, weird sound making contraptions and occasional parasitism on public cultural funds. He has collaborated with artists such as Daan Brinkmann, Electronic Opera, Erfan Abdi, Klara Ravat, Lillevan and his works have been exhibited at Sonic Acts, Dis-Patch, TodaysArt, E-Pulse, Share and Ars Electronica. 

Mikomikona experimentally investigates the dynamic transformability of sound into image, image into sound and the effects of cross media interference. They develop devices that enable us to connect and transform visual signals into acoustic signals and vice versa. They explore these devices in different audio-visual set-ups creating a synaesthetical environment. Their work has been presented in international major festivals such as Ars Electronica, CTM, TodaysArt and Netmage.