24 July 2015 | 20:00

Performance night #10

Donation welcome

Berlin based Afterburner is the new collaborative project of vocalist Audrey Chen and electronic artist Doron Sadja. Unique in a crowded field of voice and electronics duos, the pair weaves together Chen’s idiosyncratic vocal growls and chirps with Sadja’s dense synthetic atmospheres into a singular monolithic texture. Intimate, dark, chaotic and ritualistic, Afterburner have created a fascinating vision of romantic noise that is all their own.

Liebig12 on Vinyl # 4 (y)our (y)ears
A vinyl interplay from artists who have been participating in the program of Liebig12 project space in Berlin within the last 4 years. Played 4 (y)our (y)ears by Allegra Solitude / Liebig12

Records on view by: Jenny Graf Sheppard / Spencer C Yeah / David Maranha & Gerard Lebik / Alessandro Bosetti / Ony Ayuhn / Andre´Vida / Clayton Thomas / Antoine Chessex / Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch / Robert Piotrovicz / Carl Michael Von Hausswolf / Yuri Landman / Konrad Korabiewski / Roger Döring / Biblo / Du Champ / Mario De Vega / Pedro Lopes / Gordon Arschworth / Zaimph / Billy Roiz / Ian Nagoski with Marika Papagike & Kesarbar Kerbei / Hopek Quirin & Jochen Arbeit / Cristian Vogel / Maria Chavez / John Duncan