28 August 2015 | 20:00

Performance night #24

Donation welcome

Doors: 19:00
Start time: 20:00


Sonic act by DuChamp

Embedded Artist by Malte Steiner and Wolfgang Spahn


DuChamp is an Italian scientist, artist and curator based in Berlin, religiously devoted to drone. Her first solo piece “NAR”, recorded by Diego Ferri, has been released in 2013 from Boring Machines. Her second work is called “Sculpture” and it’s a split tape with French sound artist Felicia Atkinson, released through Idiosyncratics in early 2015. Her new work will be released this fall by Full Body Massage. She’s the (sweet) half of the Berlin tape label Kitchen Leg records, and she is the co-curator of Occultofest. As scientist, she works on NMR biosensors.

Embedded Artist is a media performance by Malte Steiner and Wolfgang Spahn that combines four different layers merged into one visual entity. As a contemporary Gesamtkunstwerk, 3D models, video scratching, live camera, and mechanical effects are projected and combined within the space, which blurs the distinctions between artist and audience, artwork and space, body and mind.

The 3D models are animated in OpenGL, whereas video scratching and live cameras each run on a Raspberry Pi. Mechanical and optical effects in the shape of fragmented projections are generated by servos and glass prisms, whose fractionized images are projected back onto the walls. "Embedded Artist" is not only projecting its visual imagery, but is filming the audience as well. These images are additionally re-projected back into the space. The sound level of the performance combines mechanical industrial noise with digital synthetic sound, which create structures and patterns connected to the visual output.

For the performance “Embedded Artist”, Spahn and Steiner have developed their own system to control multiple embedded systems. To achieve this the following software and programs are used: Pure Data, Raspberry Pi, Raspian, and Python. As hardware components several Raspberry Pi's are combined with Paper-Duino-Pi's and remote controlled via OSC from the performers laptops. 

Malte Steiner is a media artist, composer and software developer. Steiner started developing his own vision of the interdisciplinary Gesamtkunstwerk around 1983, working with, and not limited to, film, theater, video games, interactive installations and sound. In 2011 Steiner moved to Berlin, where he opened his own non-public media lab Block4 to create and produce his own sound projects as well as mastering and mixing for other artists. Steiner's projects are primarily the experimental electroacoustic Elektronengehirn, the industrial outfit Notstandskomitee, Akustikkoppler (with Matthias Schuster), Das Kombinat and Restlichtverstärker (with Servando Barreiro). Steiner additionally works as a freelance sound designer and software developer. He is involved in several open source projects and organizes twice a month the Pure Data Berlin patching circle at C-base in Berlin (DE). 

Wolfgang Spahn is a visual artist based in Berlin. His work includes interactive installations, video, projections, and miniature-slide-paintings. He studied mathematics and sociology in Regensburg and Berlin. Spahn is currently teaching at Medienwerkstatt BBK Berlin and is associated lecturer at the University of Oldenburg, Institute of Art and Visual Culture. Spahn has participated in several International exhibitions and festivals (selection): 2000 Biennial of young Art in Genua, Italy, 2003 The Kosovo Art Gallery in Pristina, Kosovo, 2005 Biennial in Prague, Czech Republic, 2008 and 2009 Internationales Klangkunstfest in Berlin, 2009 The Art of the Overhead in Malmö, Sweden, PIXEL09 and 13 in Bergen, Norway, 2010 Biennial Of Miniature Art in Serbia, 2010 Media-Scape in Zagreb, Croatia, Transmediale 2012 and 2014, Berlin.