02 July 2015 | 21:00

Performance night #4

Donation welcome


Philippe Cavaleri - En temps réel (live performance with 3 cassettes players - 1 tape player - 1 dictaphone and visuals from manipulated Super 8 material)

Benjamin Flesser -  Autonomous Artificial Limbs (performance with modular synthesizer)

Philippe Cavaleri is a visual & sound artist, living in Belgium. His work explores the relationship between body, space & time, how they interact & affect each other. He works with photography, and the moving image, granularity and the search for a writing with light characterize his visual work. His sounds experiments led him to deepen the physical effects of sound, taken out of any traditional musical context and narrativity. He uses home made sound generators, turntables (with & without records), field recordings made during his travels. Philippe Cavaleri has exhibited and gave sound performances in art galleries, cultural centers, artists' residencies, in Russia, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic, Canada, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary. In 2009 his work has been selected for the Tempus Arti by the art curator Jan Hoet ((Kassel Documenta IX).

Video: https://vimeo.com/76514891


Benjamin Flesser is improvising/composing with modular synthesizers and other manipulated or self-built electronics alongside using sound as environments in installations. The confrontation of the associations with human and algorithmic gestures in sound is a central question in his recent work. Improvisation and notation meet in a frame that includes „decisions" made by chance functions and inherent logics of machines. Autonomous Artificial Limbs is a piece dealing with the condition of unpredictability and the limited control of the instrument presented.