17 July 2015 | 20:00

Performance night #7

Donation welcome

Live painting by Umami Lab

Light performance by Jayson Haebich and Marcello Ruggiu

Noisefield is an audiovisual project by Jayson Haebich and Marcello Ruggiu that explores the relationship between light and sound within a 3 dimensional space. Using custom built software light is projected throughout the room to create an immersive audiovisual environment.

Jayson Haebich is a new media artist and programmer who uses his skills as a computer programmer to create diverse and innovative works ranging from light sculptures, digital artworks, site specific installations, data visualisations, film clips and much more. Constantly evolving, Jaysons work takes the latest innovations in technology and aims to use these within an artistic context.

Umami Lab proposes a graphic performance. The trio will show experimental scapes with Ching Liu and Nora Neko, matching with live ink drawings videoprojected by Mathilde Domecq.