07 September 2015 | 19:00

reSource Network meeting

A meetup for spaces and actors at the intersection of art, technology and the politics of digital culture

Organised by transmediale/reSource in cooperation with SPEKTRUM

Participants include Art Laboratory Berlin, Panke, SPEKTRUM, Serhat Köksal (Istanbul), Kristoffer Gansing (transmediale), Ben Vickers (Serpentine/transmediale tbc.)

Join us for a reboot of the reSource Network meetings for Technology Based Art Spaces and Curators in Berlin. These meetings began in 2012, and present participants (artists, curators or anyone interested in the nexus of technology, media and culture) a chance to meet, discuss and organise. The meetings are based on the premise of building a community related to 'technology based arts' (in the broader sense) in Berlin. Of course, visitors from outside Berlin are welcome as well. 


For the agenda we would like to do a “status update” by returning to the core question of the very first meeting in 2012: 

“Berlin has over 400 commercial galleries and 150 non-commercial project spaces. In a scene still dominated by traditional media, how can spaces concentrating on innovative works in New Media, technology and the borders of the arts, science and technology raise their profile, attract a larger public, and gain access to more funding?“

Following that we would like to discuss the condition of the artistic and critical digital art and culture scenes in Berlin today, given the closing of several key spaces (while a few others have opened). How is the scene visible, to the public and politically? What is its relevance in the post-startup economy? We will address the topic of crowdsourcing and community participation, and how this type of bottom-up initiatives, often coming out of independent spaces, can relate to the institutional art context.

Furthermore, we will look beyond the horizon of Berlin as such which is necessary not only given the international character of the city's cultural scene but because of the critical development of European politics relating to austerity, migration and the instrumentalisation of everything technology based to boost commercial innovation and control measures. For this latter context we will be joined by visiting artist Serhat Köksal from Istanbul who will share his experience of working with audiovisual counter-media in the Gezi and post-Gezi Park situation.

About reSource

The 'reSource transmedial culture berlin' is a programme of the transmediale festival for art and digital culture, that happens throughout the year in the city of Berlin. Activities include residencies, curated and partner events as well as a research and dialogue with institutions, independent spaces as well as individual actors in digital culture. The reSource network is an informal offshoot of the reSource programme and takes form as an online discussion through the reSource mailing list, physical meetings and an input to the yearly transmediale and ctm pre-festival programme.