14 October 2017 | 19:00

Ryoichi Kurokawa & Novi_sad / Pierce Warnecke & Frank Bretschneider #372

  • Doors: 19:00
  • Start time: 20:00 sharp!
  • Tickets on sale: click here | limited sits


  • 20:00 APPROXIMATE ACCURACY – AVperformance by Pierce Warnecke & Frank Bretschneider 
  • 21:00 SIRENS: AVperformance by Ryoichi Kurokawa & Novi_sad 
  • 22:00 DJ set at the Spektrum Bar by DJ Götz Füsser - always in search of the best of all kinds of music. The theme of the evening is “no theme“, in favour of the variety



Sirens: Ryoichi Kurokawa & Novi_sad (Berlin premier)

Ryoichi Kurokawa & Novi_sad collaborate to create Sirens, an impressive body of work comprising five audiovisual pieces which explore the aesthetics of data. Sirens is a collection of digitally rendered visual formations and sound compositions, whose intensity fluctuates as in relation to the unfolding of the economic downturn. Tied to the fate of the global markets, the more the economy fails (as represented by data and, indexes); the more developed and complex the coupled sounds and visual sequences become. Any disintegration of financial fortunes leads directly to the emergence of a greater creative energy in an inverse ‘tug-of-war’.

Sirens elucidates the relationship between generative visualisation and cinematic practices, as this computer generated video work transforms our understanding of the relationship between moving image, data and the cinematic. By immersing the spectator in an audiovisual scape and narrative, the work heightens the performativity of processes, be they ‘technological’ or ‘natural’. The title of the work is inspired by the Greek mythological creatures that seduce sailors ashore into danger, as a metaphor for market fervour leading to economic collapse.



Approximate Accuracy: Pierce Warnecke & Frank Bretschneider (world premier)

Approximate Accuracy is a hybrid audio-visual performance which borrows from modular audio and video synthesis techniques, adapting them with contemporary digital tools. The audio uses custom Nord Modular patches manipulated live; the imagery is based on digital emulations of modular video synthesis fed into 3D software and tightly synchronized to the experimental electronic music. Realtime interaction between sound and video creates overlapping layers of dynamic patterns resulting in complex synesthetic moirés.

The open system allows for improvisation while at the same time staying close to the aesthetics of sound and video synthesis, and as such is an immersive performance that explores that many possible mutations of simple pattern-based systems. Approximate Accuracy is a homage to the masterpieces of early electronic music and video synthesis, combining them with modern approaches of audiovisual performance as a continuation of the visual music tradition.



Ryoichi Kurokawa is a Japanese audiovisual artist, born in 1978, lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Kurokawa’s works take on multiple forms such as installation works, recordings, and concert pieces. He composes the time sculpture with the field recordings and the digital generated structures, and reconstructs architecturally the audiovisual phenomenon. In recent years, his works are shown at international festivals and museums including Tate Modern[UK], Venice Biennale[IT], Palais de Tokyo[FR], Transmediale[DE], EMPAC[US], YCAM[JP] and Sonar[ES]. In 2010, he was awarded the Golden Nica at Prix Ars Electronica in the Digital Musics & Sound Art category.

Novi_sad is the guise for Thanasis Kaproulias (b. 1980) who holds a degree from the Economic University of Piraues. He lives and works in Athens, Greece. Influenced by the pioneers of audio assault, he began generating sounds in 2005. No studies, no academic education, no scholarships, just pure learning by doing. Amplified environmental recordings, drone manipulations, structured ambient soundscapes, microtones vs overtones, all come together in a hyper structure of iconoclastic form. Novi_sad’s artistic output displays a high level of technical ability, as well as a sensitivity to the nuances of location.

Novi_sad has worked and collaborated with: Lars von Trier, Helge Sten [Deathprod, Supersilent], Francisco López, Mika Vainio [Pan Sonic], Ryoichi Kurokawa, BJ Nilsen, Daniel Menche, Richard Chartier, CM von Hausswolff, Jacob Kirkegaard, Beckie Foon [A Silver Mt. Zion, Set fire to flames], Scott Konzelmann, Irini Kyriakidou, Karl Lemieux, Konstantina Kontzamani, Isaac Niemand and Yorgos Zois.

Novi_sad’s projects have been presented in various forms in cinemas, industrial spaces, theatres, churches, museums, auditoriums, squats, in festivals like Venice Biennale Film Festival [Venice], MUTEK [Montreal/Mexico City], Ultrahang [Budapest], Elektra [Montreal], VPRO National Radio [Amsterdam], Cabaret Voltaire [Zurich], Museum of Contemporary Art [Roskilde], The Chapel [Seattle], KW/Institute for Contemporary Art [Berlin], Le Fresnoy/Studio National D'Arts Contemporains [Tourcoing], National Academy of Music [Aarhus], Einstein Kulturzentrum, [Munich], MAM/Museum of Modern Art [Rio de Janeiro] a.o.


Frank Bretschneider is a musician, composer and video artist in Berlin. His work is known for precise sound placement, complex, interwoven rhythm structures and its minimal, flowing approach. Bretschneider’s subtle and detailed music is echoed by his visuals: perfect translated realizations of the qualities found in music within visual phenomena. In 1986, after establishing his cassette label klangFarBe, Bretschneider founded AG Geige, an influential East German underground band. In 1996, Bretschneider co-founded the Rastermusic record label, later raster-noton. He is releasing his music and performing at music/media festivals worldwide.

Pierce Warnecke is sound and video artist from the US, based in Europe for over a decade. He works equally in the sonic and visual domains via performances, installations and compositions. He is currently a professor at Berklee College of Music in Spain. He has presented his works in many international festivals and spaces, such as Mutek, KW Institut Berlin, CTM Festival Berlin, Elektra, NEMO, Scopitone, Zero1 Biennale, Transmediale, and more. He releases music on Portals Editions and Room40. He is represented by CTM’s DISK Agency in Berlin.