12 February 2018 | 19:30 - 21:30

Scent Club Berlin Meetup #9

  • Doors: 19:15
  • Start time: 19:30
  • Entrance: 0 € (free entrance)

The upcoming meetup we will focus on THE ABSENCE OF SMELL!

We will talk about anosmia, the inability to smell. Susann who lost her sense of smell after an accident, will share her story with us. Besides we will do tests with things that do not smell and discuss what it means if there is no smell... Feel free to bring anything that you think doesn't have any scent! Looking forward to meeting you all again! See you on Monday the 12th of February 7.30pm at Spektrum Berlin!

The monthly Scent Club Berlin meeting space is open for everybody who is interested in experimenting around the sense of smell. Newcomers are welcome to join! You can also follow us on The Scent Club Berlin on Facebook!