30 August 2015 | 20:00

Screening night #26

Free entrance

Doors: 19:00
Start time: 20:00

Big Screen Brutals

Screening night curated by Scott Sinclair

Big Screen Brutals

Warning: The following press release contains questionable concepts and a few naughty words.

Big Screen Brutals exists to collect and celebrate brutal films and videos from all times and places. Expect noisy, glitchy, psychedelic, offensive, violent, hilarious, and quite beautiful combinations sound and vision. BSB events are not the usual passive film screening, and likewise, audiences are encouraged to actively raise their glasses and their voices and join in on the projected action.

The first edition of BSB at SPEKTRUM will feature two different sets of connected short films:

1. “Glitch Is Fucked”
... or should that read 'Glitch Is Fucking Great!'? We're not sure. Herein we will explore those visions which will either glorify or lay waste to the so-called Glitch Movement. Get ready for epileptic blasts of computer graphics; rainbowing mushrooms of data corruption; analog synaesthesia processes; documents of pseudo-science; propaganda for non-existent conspiracies; classic early-internet viral weirdness; found videos from unknown sources; and maybe the odd cartoon.

2. “Music is Fucked Too”
It's a lot like the first one, except you can nod your head and talk if you want to.


May your video life contain flashing lights!