09 September 2015 | 20:00

Screening night #31: CiTiZEN KINO #45.1

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Doors at 19:00
Media navigations begin at 20:00

CiTiZEN KINO #45.1: A Heartwarming Rejection Of The Uninhabitable Technospheres

The XLterrestrials are back in Berlin, and we're relaunching our CiTIZEN KINO series - a situational and cinematic engagement for tactical explorations.

In this episode, we examine the technotopian and anthropocentric delusions that have landed us in a perilous, unstable and over-mediated environment. The clock is ticking. Krapitalism is licking at our heels. And technological innovations are digging us deeper into a nasty vortex of market-mangling realities and corporate capture. Is there an exit to this spiralling crisis of civilzation ?! We ask, we provoke, we detourn, we collectively engage !

We've just returned after a year of deep-fried and traumatizing ;) research in CALIFORKYA - Land of Technopoly Money + Dysneytopia Uber-Alles ! This is clearly a No Picnic Zone for diverse humans and other living species. And Oh Boy, have we got tales to tell !

We also include a report back from Chaos Camp, the world's largest convergence of hackers in the semi-wild outskirts of the usual-urban configurations. And we ask where is the tech sector resistance in relation to all the earth-bound species now in the claws of the "disembodied and unsustainable agendas".