19 July 2016 | 19:30

Smell Lab #11

Community meeting

The Smell Lab is a monthly meeting space open for everybody who is interested in experimenting around the sense of smell.

For this edition of Smell Lab, Dimitri Cacouris will present a survey of current and emerging olfactory technologies, including electronic noses, scentography, and microencapsulation. Beginning with a history of methods used bring smell to the masses (and attempts thereto), we will discuss existing techniques with their varying degrees of success, the challenges of capturing, storing, and recreating scent, and the technologies currently in development, with an emphasis on how we might bring these technologies to bear for our work in Smell Lab. 

You can find more info about the Smell Lab here and on past events here.

Newcomers are welcome to join - we are looking forward to see you there!


Organised by Klara Ravat (community supporter) in cooperation with Spektrum