20 December 2016 | 19:30

Smell Lab #16: Smell Games edition

Community meeting

The Smell Lab is a monthly meeting space open for everybody who is interested in experimenting around the sense of smell.

During this session we are going to get our hands dirty! We will work on the creation of a smell game. First, we will quickly share some examples (please if you know of any olfactory games examples bring yours or tell us about it) to later team up in groups. Each group will focus on a different aspect of the sense of smell (memory, movement, training, navigation...) and we will start developing our own games on spot.

We will continue our work during the next session, Smell Lab #17 on January the 3rd. The idea is that when our games are ready we will have a session open to the audience and gamers to play with us!

Materials: we have essential oils, aroma chemicals, alcohol, bottles and pipettes to use. Please, if you need paper, cardboards, markers, paint, bring it with you!

You can find more info about the Smell Lab here and on past events here.

Newcomers are welcome to join.


Organised by Klara Ravat (community supporter) in cooperation with Spektrum