18 August 2015 | 19:30

Smell lab #2

Community meeting

In this second meeting we will be shaping ideas for projects that could arise out of the Smell Lab and engage in smell exercises. Join us and contribute to pre-determinating project ideas that will be developed further throughout the following meetings.  

We will start the meeting with blindfolded smell exercises: please bring an object that you consider compelling in terms of smell. We will smell and describe the scents with different methods.

We will also brainstorm and discuss ideas about future projects. This is the moment to update everyone about the development of your research interests and/or your envisioned project ideas.

If you have missed our first Smell Lab meeting, you can read about it here. Newcomers are welcome to join.


Organised by Klara Ravat and Claudia Mannigel (community supporters) in cooperation with Spektrum