13 October 2015 | 19:30

Smell lab #4

Community meeting

The Smell Lab is a monthly meeting space open for everybody who is interested in experimenting around the sense of smell. 

Join us for the Smell Lab #4, at which will learn about the science of smell followed by a smell experiment while continuing to grow ideas for potential up-coming projects.

In the first part Sheraz Khan, one of the unconditional Smell Lab participants, will present his definition of smell and explain the use of smell extraction tools, as he will lead a discussion about how the content matches or goes against the community owns views of smell and as well how could we use the knowledge to take our ideas further within the Smell Lab.

In part two we will conduct a scent in space experiment. Please bring any kind of dispenser (object, machine, apparatus) that you can use to dispense scent in space as well as a odor (eg. essential oil) to use with the mentioned fragrance dispenser.

We look forward to seeing you - newcomers are welcome to join!

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Organised by Klara Ravat and Claudia Mannigel (community supporters) in cooperation with Spektrum