27 October 2015 | 18:30

Smell Lab - reading group #1

Anthony Synnott, The Body Social: Symbolism, Self and Society (London, Routledge 1993)

Join us for the first Smell Lab reading group meeting: a space for reading discussions about smell in relation to culture and theory which will touch upon various disciplines such as art, anthropology, architecture, biology, curating, chemistry, literature, history, philosophy, neuroscience, psychology and sociology.

The Smell Lab reading group are monthly meetings which are part of the Smell Lab. Everyone who is interested in reflecting upon textual research on smell is welcome.

In this first meeting we will be discussing a chapter 7. from The Body Social – Symbolism, Self and Society written by sociologist Anthony Synnott. The text examins a case study which he conducted on smell all by addressing the hierarchy of the senses, the social and cultural standing of smell as well as the moral construction of the self through smell.

The reading program until December 2015 is already established. You are welcome to make reading suggestions for every other meeting for 2016. The suggested deadline for the period from January till the end of March, is December 15, 2015. Tentative majority rule votes will help us decide which ones shall be explored.

If you'd like to join and are not part of the Smell Lab mailing list please get in touch. Looking forward to inspiring discussions!