08 May 2017 | 20:30

Software art #1

Community meeting

A gathering to learn about open source software platforms to create visual and sonic arts. In the meeting we will review examples of projects and prototypes using platforms such as Pure Data, Processing, and Arduino. Participants from workshops in Spektrum are invited to present his experience and interest on using this platforms. Some advise can be give on how to continue your project developing.

Juan Duarte will present some examples of what we did in the workshops in Spektrum. And we will discuss and present examples about Software Art in a broader context: we will review cases where Custom Software is made to create Artistic and Playful Applications.

  • You are also welcome to present any project you are working on currently using open source platforms.
  • If you are interested to reserve some time for presentation please contact Juan Duarte to add you in the meeting schedule.
  • If you have any doubt on how to continue developing your open source project you are also welcome to bring your technical or any other questions to the meeting.

The Software Art community is interested to foster the use of digital platforms in combination with hardware for artistic projects in installation, performance, instrument making, interface development, and new media applications.

A custom piece of software is a personal set of rules and a process written in a computer’s language to produce, in this case, a piece of art. It is similar to conceptual art. The name software art groups the many terms that describe art related to custom software / media / computers as: interactive art, new media art, generative art, glitch-art, net art etc. To code is a invisible form of informated art. With our meetups we try to aggregate people that want to produce something useless but beautiful.