13 May 2018 | 15:00 - 18:00

Sonic Instruments

  • Level: introductory
  • Costs: 30€ (3h / 1day)
  • Max number of participants: 10 people
  • Min number of participants: 5 people
  • Sign-up through this form if you want to join: click here
  • Contact: stc@binaura.net


The workshop is open for anyone interested in the fields of interactive music, sound design, generative arts, novel ways of communication. Basic knowledge of digital sound and a basic level of programming in any language is an advance. The workshop is about to cover the benefits and the disadvantages of digital systems.

How do we interact with an instrument? What about a resonating body that is adapted by human culture and used for several occasions within the universe of music? What about new instruments that are missing this type of cultural preconceptions so creators have to build languages and new rules for the musician?

The session will introduce different, existing case studies within the field, including different types of digital interactions and sound related environments. Participants will investigate the ergonomy, usage, musical (artistic) productivity of these devices, based on the following criteria:

Expressive Constraints

Autonomy Music

Theory Exploration

Required Foreknowledge

Improvisation Generality

Creative Simulation

Participants are able to use any material (camera input, sensors, data) to realize and extend their conceptual plans. The workshop is based on two popular, open source languages and the combination of these. Using these free tools it is easy to create user interactions that are targeting the web or mobile devices. By the end of the workshop, each participant will have a general knowledge about (musical, artistic) interfaces and their cognitive extensions, basics of digital sound & interface design.


- a short installation / preparation session / workflow overview (~ 10 mins)

- a short introduction lecture (~20 mins)

- example codes, coding & structuring (90 - 120 mins)

- idea generation / specific questions (30 - 60 mins)

about the workshop holder

Agoston is making interaction design, experimental media, generative arts using free & open source tools. He is designing dynamic systems & interfaces for networked installations, developing creative mobile applications. He is addicted to hacking, altering functions of existing contexts and ordinary objects. He regularly gives workshops and courses on interaction design and creative coding using several open source languages. He is a guest lecturer at Bergen University of Fine Arts (Norway), Moholy-Nagy University of Design & Arts (MOME, Hungary) and a HCI researcher at Prezi.com. As of 2016, he is making a post doctoral research in Realtime Interactions & Machine Learning at MOME. His works have been exhibited worldwide including China, India, Canada, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, United States, Belgium, Hungary among others. He is the co-founder of the experimental new media design group Binaura.

website: www.binaura.net