11 December 2018 | 19:30


  • Start time: 19:30
  • Entrance: free


For our last edition of the year, we invite artist Albert Barqué-Duran to present the awarded scientific and artistic project “The Zero-Gravity Band”. It is an examination of the production and perception of art when restrictions of Earth’s gravity are absent. Also, we want to celebrate the first year of SPARTHabitat. Come by for drinks and let's talk together about ideas and projects for the habitat in 2019.

RSVP here: www.meetup.com/SPARTHabitat/events/256939695

Albert Barqué-Duran, PhD, is an Artist and Honorary Research Fellow at City, University of London. Albert earned his PhD and Postdoc in Cognitive Science from City, University of London and has been a Visiting Postgraduate Researcher at Harvard University and University of Oxford. His artwork and performances are inspired by his research and combine classical techniques from fine arts and the use of technology (i.e. data, A.I., experimental electronic music).

He leads disruptive projects at the intersection of art, science and technology with the aim of: (1) finding novel formats of generating scientific knowledge; (2) reflecting about contemporary and futuristic issues and its cultural implications; (3) creating powerful experiences to push the boundaries of our perception.

He has exhibited and performed at Sónar+D (Barcelona, Spain), Creative Reactions (London, UK), Cambridge Neuroscience Society (Cambridge, UK), Max Planck (Berlin, Germany), SciArt Center (New York, USA), IGNITE Fest (Medellín, Colombia).


Talk: “The Zero-Gravity Band”

“The Zero-Gravity Band”, Premiered at Sónar (Barcelona), is an awarded scientific and artistic project that examines both production and perception of art when we are not restricted to the physical laws and framework that planet Earth’s gravity imposes to us. The aim was to produce the first artwork designed to be experienced outside planet Earth while doing an artistic performance under 0 gravity in a parabolic flight. This was an international project and there were several academic and non-academic partners involved such as City, University of London; Royal Holloway, University of London; MIT Media Lab – The Opera of the Future Lab; Berlin School of Mind and Brain – Humboldt Univeristy zu Berlin; EURECAT – Technology Centre of Catalonia; IED – European Institute of Design; GoPro; among others.

Link: https://albertbarque.com/zerogravityband/