21 July 2015 | 19:00

STATE Studio #1

Free entrance (donations are welcome and will be forwarded to the presenter)


STATE Studio is a regular get-together for scientists, artists and creative professionals with the goal to inspire interdisciplinary collaborations around science. It showcases relevant projects and developments in the adjoining fields and provides a platform for informal exchange and discussion. The sessions are organised by the STATE Experience Science festival

For the launch of this new event series, we are excited to be hosting media-artist and author Theresa Schubert, who is going to present her new book "Experiencing the Unconventional - Science in Art". Stick around for a drink after the presentation to meet the speaker and other interdisciplinary creative souls.


19:00 Open doors

20:00 Presentation / Q&A: Theresa Schubert, "Experience the Unconventional - Science in Art"

21:30 Bar 


Theresa Schubert is a post-media artist and researcher at the intersection of art and science. She investigates the role of creativity and collaboration from a post-humanperspective. Her research stems from the areas of biological-based art, digital art and DIY practices and addresses topics of self-organisation, stigmergy, randomness, computational geometry, morphology, and pattern generation. Her work combines audiovisual and hybrid media to conceptual and immersive installations or site-specific interventions whereas she treats nature's phenomena not only as inspiration but as amaterial and critical process. Currently, Theresa pursues a PhD in Media Art at the Bauhaus-University Weimar. She has received national/international acclaim for the production of a unique body of work, which have been shown at Ars Electronica Linz, Arge Kultur Salzburg, KIBLA Maribor, KWKunstwerke Berlin, Newcastle Region Art Gallery, Electrofringe Festival, Istanbul Biennale, European Media Art Festival, amongst others. 


This talk introduces the book project “Experiencing the Unconventional. Science in Art” published by World Scientific. The book presents art projects that resulted from unconventional explorations of space, matter and sound, curiousexperiments with living substrates and their creative translations into sensorial experiences developed by established and emerging artists. Using electronic and digitalart, bioart, sculpture and installations, sound and performance, the authors are removing boundaries between natural and artificial, real and imaginary, science and culture. The book aims to hybridize art projects and transdisciplinary approaches to acontemporary art practice by discovering a new understanding of media and adoptinginnovative approaches to materials in the Anthropocene. Authors include: Sonia Cillari, Marco Donnarumma, Verena Friedrich, Jonathan Kemp, Saša Spačal, Mitchell Whitelaw and Ralf Baecker, amongst others.