03 July 2018 | 19:30

VJ Open Lab #11

  • Doors: 19:00
  • Start time: 19:30
  • Entrance: free

VJ Open Lab is an open community based in Berlin that organises monthly meetings for inspiration, experimentation, and exchange of knowledge in the field of live video.

We are open to anyone interested in live visual arts and VJing. Beginners and visitors are kindly welcome.

Each meeting is divided into 3 parts:

1) Warm Up: 30 minutes to share ideas and news from the VJ network in Berlin and worldwide. 

2) Trials-and-Errors: Presentations followed by a discussion round to answer questions and give a productive feedback. This session is made for sharing and learning from each other.


Trying to expose the very essential structure of video through the use of light, AILAVIU (aka Martin Borini) will present his visual experiments with the process of light decomposition.

II. VJ Set by VanTa “Daily #eyecandy”

Starting from 2018 Van Ta works on the project in which he writes a GLSL every day [instagram.com/vantaslog]. He will explain a motivation behind this project and will experiment by bringing the concept out of the virtual Instagram space into the realm of a live performance.

3) Free play: a time-space to stimulate new ideas and extend possibilities for your pictures, your bodies, and your minds. No online application, no selection, no winners, anybody can participate.

The topic for this session is "In the Shadow of the Sun"

Music guest: Live set by Fёdor