27 February 2017 | 18:00

Wir Brauchen Women VJs // VJ Women wanted! - part i

This full VJ workshop, taught by A-li-ce, is an invitation to enter the live video field, giving you the theoretical and the technical tools to develop your own live visual project. Each session is divided into 3 parts : VJ theory, technical knowledge and your project's development. In the first hour , we will explore VJ backgrounds and influences from visual arts to cinema and music, focusing then on some topics such as the loop pattern, the dramaturgy of the performance and the performing body on stage. The second part of the workshop is dedicated to a full learning session of Resolume Avenue VJ software and to trainings in order to play live great visuals and to develop your live set. Each participant will be then invited to play live in LC Lab in Spektrum.

Session 01: VJ Women wanted ! PART 1 // VJ Theory & Resolume Avenue Course Part 1 & 2
VJ Theory : VJ archeology & visual content
VJ technical workflow : softwares, hardwares, interfaces and cables
VJ Software : Resolume Avenue Course Part 1 & 2