01 July 2018 | 16:00

XEN presents Fluid Existence

  • Start time: 16:00
  • Entrance: € 10 / reduced € 7 (exhibition ticket for Welt ohne Außen at Gropius Bau)

For Welt ohne Außen at Gropius Bau, Pedro Marum and Zander Porter of XenoEntities Network (XEN) will perform a curation of sounds, visuals, and words as an immersive live workshop for the tripartite event cycle Existential Futurities.

#2 Fluid Existence
Film screening & guided listening-performance

People-as-jellyfish and internet-ontological image-metaphors encourage spectator-participants to eclipse traditional notions of identity construction towards a thing more collectively concocted, a more fluid existence. Employing strategies of LARP (live-action role-playing) and guided somatic respites, Pedro Marum and Zander Porter of XenoEntities Network organize a meditatively curated visual and sonic performance. They work within and improvise against a planned schedule to develop something alien about relationships both to time and senses of selves. Between sonic dreamscapes and ambient utterances, P + Z usher in a new age of xeno-alien queerness: an exercise of thinking-as-making, an intersection of alien phenomenology and queer temporality. This workshop is developed for the conjuring of a video-gamey, anxiety-quelling, fleeting but dense fantasy-worlding.

Performance and curation by Pedro Marum and Zander Porter
Exhibition of the films Paradise Loop by Alain Garcia and Jellyfish by Maryna Makarenko
DJ set by marum
Image courtesy: Maryna Makarenko __________________________________________________________

This event is part of Existential Futurities, a tripartite event cycle of performative curated-workshops by XenoEntities Network proposing alternative methods of being-together. Between traditional objects concerning image and text, XEN organizes queer strategies of sharing time with each other in sound, voice, and space.

Existential Futurities is presented as part of Gropius Bau's Welt ohne Außen, an exhibition open from June 8 to August 5 which features immersive artworks, live works, and workshops spanning from the late '60s to the present day.