25 February 2018 | 20:00

XEN presents queer_tech_camp: Strategies in Techno-performance

courtesy of Dynasty Handbag
  • Doors: 19:30
  • Start time: 20:00
  • Entrance: 5 €

Pie-bomb telekinesis, urine-watered doll-flowers, and various baby repurposing: such are a few of many “OTT” (over the top) images from a collection of video-performance shorts and excerpts which embrace queerness and gender as techno-camp performance. Considered as and beyond Susan Sontag’s articulation of camp as an ineffable “sensibility,” this screening-event will consider the digital aesthetics of post-2000 in an effort to laugh with/against, queer, expand, and deconstruct notions of temporality/futurity, heteronormative social and familial relations, historiographic intervention, and the dominant technologies of (Pixar) animation, or digital affect/effect. We might imagine queer failure as not aesthetic failure, but rather, as José Esteban Muñoz highlights, a political refusal. Please join us to consider (a few of these) various strategies alongside each other and to think critically about, or disidentify with, our intimate relations with our techno-devices as per, and perhaps also against, some strategies posed by these artists.

Suggested reading:
José Esteban Muñoz's “After Jack: Queer Failure, Queer Virtuosity” from Cruising Utopia: The Then and There of Queer Futurity and Disidentifications: Queers of Color and the Performance of Politics
Susan Sontag's “Notes on ‘Camp’”
Jack Halberstam's “Animating Failure: Ending, Fleeing, Surviving” from The Queer Art of Failure
Hito Steyerl's “In Defense of the Poor Image” and “The Spam of the Earth: Withdrawal from Representation”
Jennifer Doyle and David Getsy's “Queer Formalisms: Jennifer Doyle and David Getsy in Conversation”
Allucquère Rosanne Stone's The War of Desire and Technology at the Close of the Mechanical Age

Ryan Trecartin, (Tommy Chat Just E-mailed Me.) (2006, 7′)
Rick Hong Manayan, UTOPIA01_SH3.wrld (2016, 7′)
Kalup Linzy, Ride to da Club (2002, 5′)
Katie Torn, BREATHE DEEP (2015, 3′)
Zander Porter, I’m your pixelpleasure (2017, 6′)
Tess Altman, Dreamhouse Who is Also His Wife (2017, 4′)
Dynasty Handbag, Remote Penetration (2013, 7′)

Curated by Zander Porter.
Co-produced by Pedro Marum and Lou Drago.

XenoEntities Network (XEN) is a platform for discussion and experimentation focusing on the intersection of queer, gender, and feminist studies and digital technologies, organized by Lou Drago, Pedro Marum, Rita Macedo, and Zander Porter.