27 October 2015 | 19:30

LC Lab #3

Third session of the LC Lab (Live Cinema Lab), a place for audio-visual experimentation. LC Lab is a community where audio and visual artists can meet, create and play new work together.

27 October 2015 | 18:30

Smell Lab - reading group #1

Join us for the first Smell Lab reading group meeting: a space for reading discussions about smell in relation to culture and theory which will touch upon various disciplines

22 October 2015 | 19:00

Cryptoparty #53

Learn and teach how to use basic cryptography tools in a relaxed and respectful atmosphere.

No prior knowledge required: curiosity, wanting to learn, asking questions is all that's needed.

Bringing your laptop or smartphone would be useful. CryptoParties are always for free. 

20 October 2015 | 19:30

SCS #1

First Sonic Code Session: a place for discussing and exchanging ideas as well as presenting projects related to code-based audio synthesis - the technique of creating sound where individually designed computer programs determine the sonic output. 

13 October 2015 | 19:30

Smell lab #4

Fourth community session of the smell lab, at which will learn about the science of smell followed by a smell experiment while continuing to grow ideas for potential up-coming projects

11 October 2015 | 20:00

Sound Portraits: Robert Ashley #48

Listening session curated by Doron Sadja, focusing on the work of iconic composers who have paved the way for contemporary electronic music.

This session: Robert Ashley